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This is more of a theme than a subgenre, dealing with future health care workers, diseases, plagues, and the social aspects of immortality and rejuvenation. Future doctors all played prominent roles on popular TV shows like Star Trek and Babylon 5. Every starship needs a doctor, nurse or healer, don't they?
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Great Science Fiction About Doctors

by Groff

contains the classic story, 'The Little Black Bag' by C. M. Kornbluth


by Vonda McIntyre

Nebula Award winner
Locus Science Fiction

Star Surgeon

by Alan E. Nourse

5 avg rating
Excerpt: ... now it seemed they were walking through an incredible treasure-trove stocked with everything that they could possibly have wanted. For Jack there was a dress uniform, specially tailored for a physician in the Blue Service of Diagnosis, the insignia woven into the cloth with gold and platinum thread. Reluctantly he turned away from it, a luxury he could never dream of affording. For Tiger, who had been muttering for weeks about getting out of condition in the sedentary life of the ship, there was a set of bar bells and gymnasium equipment ingeniously designed to collapse into a unit no larger than one foot square, yet opening out into a completely equipped gym. Dal's eyes glittered at the new sets of surgical instruments, designed to the most rigid Hospital Earth specifications, which appeared almost without his asking to see them. There were clothes and games, precious stones and exotic rings, watches set with Arcturian dream-stones, and boots inlaid with silver. They made their way through the corridors, reluctant to leave one display for the next. Whenever something caught their eyes, the commander snapped his fingers excitedly, and the item was unobtrusively noted down by one of the underlings. Finally, exhausted and glutted just from looking, they turned back toward the reception room. "The things are beautiful," Tiger said wistfully, "but impossible. Still, you were very kind to take your time

The Sector General Series

by James White

Back in print, the first three volumes of James White's "Sector General" SF saga, in a single omnibus edition. With a new introduction by Brian Stableford.

The Healer

by Michael Blumlein

Payne is a member of a minority offshoot of humanity called Grotesques, or Tesques, who are distinguished by a cranial deformity and an extra orifice in their chest. A small percentage of Tesques have the ability to effect phenomenal healings, which makes them a valuable commodity in their world. Sadly, such gifted healers live a life somewhere between that of a possession and a slave.

Payne is unusual in that he is seemingly unaffected by the mysterious burn out (called "The Drain") that all other healers experience. The novel follows his journey across the strange landscape of his world in a search for an acceptance he may never find. Along the way, we move from the outskirts of society, to an isolated mining camp, to a metropolis dedicated to gambling and vice, to a secret government compound where the most dangerous of healings are performed. Finally, we climax in a scene where reality meets mythology, and Payne experiences a transformation that will forever alter the balance between Tesques and Humans.

Blumlein brings his experience as a practicing physician to bear in this novel, which subtly and beautifully examines the ways in which society both reveres and fears members of the medical profession.ÿ The Healer is a story of human life and death, human rites and rituals, seen through the eyes of an outsider, one who knows humans better, perhaps, than they know themselves.ÿ In the vein of such authors as Jonathan Lethem and Jonathan Carroll, The Healer is literate, philosophical, entertaining, moving and original.


An Exchange Of Hostages

by Susan R. Matthews

A promising young surgeon, Andrej Koscuisko has come, with great reluctance, to study at a military orientation center adrift in black space. Against his will, he will train here to serve as a "Ship's Inquisitor" -- a vocation that runs counter to his deepest moral convictions.

During his tenure, Andrej will earn the devotion of his personal slave. He will gain the grudging respect of the Station Administration. He will make a deadly enemy of his fellow student. He will learn a frightening truth about himself. And ultimately, he will be forced to sacrifice all that he holds dear...

Philip K. Dick

Flesh And Silver

by Stephen L. Burns

A brilliant doctor gives up his status as a human being when he becomes a Bergmann surgeon--healing fatal sickness and wounds with psychic powers and mechanical precision. Though a great healer, he is an outcast, and he hand his kind wander from emergency to emergency, at the beck and call of MedAm. When not working, he is drinking, lost in a fog, trying to forget the things which he has lost. But when a dying despot hijacks him, he is forced to face what his life has become, and--with the help of a killer for hire--reclaim what it means to be a healer.

The Healer\'s War

by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

actually fantasy, but it did win a Nebula Award

Star Doc

by S.L. Viehl

5 avg rating
Dr. Cherijo Grey Veil leaves Earth and accepts a position as a physician at Kevarzanga-2's FreeClinic. Her surgical skills are desperately needed on a hostile frontier world with over 200 sentient species--and her understanding of alien physiology is nothing short of miraculous. But the truth behind her expertise is a secret which, if discovered, could have disastrous consequences between human and alien relations...
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