The Time Ships

by Stephen Baxter

3.33 avg rating
Book 16 of 67 in the Time Travel Books
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There is a secret passage through time

...and it leads all the way to the end of Eternity. But the journey has a terrible cost. It alters not only the future but he "present" in which we live.

A century after the publication of H. G. Wells' immortal The Time Machine, Stephen Baxter, today's most acclaimed new "hard SF" author, and the acknowledged Clarke, returns to the distant conflict between the Eloi and the Morlocks in a story that is at once an exciting expansion, and a radical departure based on the astonishing new understandings of quantum physics.

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Won 3 awards in total

John W. Campbell
Philip K. Dick

Nominated 4 times in total

Locus Science Fiction
British Fantasy Society
Arthur C. Clarke

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Anonymous | 2014-04-15 09:19:58
Without a doubt this is my favourite SF novel. It is a worthy successor to the fabulous novel by H.G.Wells and is one of those rare SF books that bears multiple re-readings. It's difficult to find SF with great hard SF ideas that don't also make you cringe at the quality of the writing (think Arthur C Clarke!). There's relatively little that's cringeworthy in this book.
martin garix | 2018-09-19 05:11:50
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