The Foundation Trilogy

by Isaac Asimov

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Book 2 of 25 in the The Top 25 Science Fiction Books
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A beautiful omnibus edition hardcover, with bound in ribbon marker and gilt edges, including the complete Foundation novels by the Good Doctor: Foundation, Foundation and Empire, and Second Foundation. Cover illustration by Michael Whelan. Cover design by Rebecca Lysen and Karl Westerberg. Book design by Karin Batten. Striking endpaper Galaxy photograph courtesy of NASA. 747 pages plus a half-page About the Author. ISBN 978-0-307-29206-3. A landmark of science fiction's "Golden Age," Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy-which comprises the novels Foundation, Foundation and Empire, and Second Foundation-has long been regarded a visionary masterpiece whose astonishing historical scope perfectly conveys science fiction's sense of wonder. First published as a cycle of stories in the 1940s and '50s, Asimov's iconic trilogy has endured to become, like the author himself, a legend of science fiction. Set in the far future, Foundation envisions a Galactic Empire that has thrived for 12,000 years, but whose decline into an age of barbarism lasting some thirty millennia is imminent-if the predictions of renegade psycho-historian Hari Seldon are accurate. Hoping to shorten the interval of this impending new Dark Age, Seldon convinces the Empire's Commission of Public Safety to allow him enact a diversionary plan-one full of surprising subterfugres and intrigues intended to create and protect a Foundation on which the future Empire will be erected. Foundation and Empire advances the story farther into the future, in which a technologically advanced Foundation.

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