The Female Man

by Joanna Russ

5 avg rating
Book 25 of 25 in the Popular Science Fiction by Women
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Living in an altered past that never saw the end of the Great Depression, Jeannine, a librarian, is waiting to be married. Joanna lives in a different version of reality: she's a 1970s feminist trying to succeed in a man's world. Janet is from Whileaway, a utopian earth where only women exist. And Jael is a warrior with steel teeth and catlike retractable claws, from an earth with separate-and warring-female and male societies. When these four women meet, the results are startling, outrageous, and subversive.


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Anonymous | 2013-11-11 07:57:11
The Female Man is a dystopian science-fiction, but because it is considered feminist you think it would turn your readers stomachs? Thank you, so much, for perpetuating sexism in the world and in science fiction.
Anonymous | 2014-04-06 07:07:25
A ground-breaking, brilliant indictment of gender roles and sexism. Experimental and razor sharp. Harrowing, cutting, and humorous, this definitive feminist SF novel is a true classic of New Wave-era Speculative Fiction. One of my all-time favorites.
Anonymous | 2017-02-16 05:11:43
Way to lower the bar so a feminist novel could make the list. Feminism isn't in its infancy. It's dying as women realize its many, many betrayals. It shall be regulated to the psychiatrist couch and psychiatric ward where it belongs as women and men learn to live together.
Anonymous | 2017-06-07 09:15:45
When playing pin the tail on the donkey I don't want to be the donkey. In other words, why would I read a book in which I'm just a target for misplaced anger?
Anonymous | 2017-07-10 08:53:28
This book is worse than Twilight and Pussy Jackson and the Olympians. After reading it I was diagnosed with cancer.
Anonymous | 2017-09-14 11:38:40
Victim complex meets Sci-Fi.
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