Hal Spacejock

by Simon Haynes

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An incompetent space pilot, a massive debt and a twenty-four hour deadline...

Freighter pilot Hal Spacejock has a life to die for: His very own cargo ship, a witty and intelligent flight computer ... and a debt so big it makes the GFC look like a rounding error.

Hal's an upright sort of guy, and he won't take jobs from gun runners, drug smugglers or politicians. On the other hand, the finance company's enforcer is on his trail, and he only has twenty-four hours to get his debt under control. Miss the deadline and he - and his ship - will go under. Way, way, under.

Faced with an impossible choice, Hal chooses an impossible job ... and gains an impossible new co-pilot into the bargain.

This is the fifth edition (2012)


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