by Charles Stross

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The Singularity. It is the era of the posthuman. Artificial intelligences have surpassed the limits of human intellect. Biotechnological beings have rendered people all but extinct. Molecular nanotechnology runs rampant, replicating and reprogramming at will. Contact with extraterrestrial life grows more imminent with each new day.

Struggling to survive and thrive in this accelerated world are three generations of the Macx clan: Manfred, an entrepreneur dealing in intelligence amplification technology whose mind is divided between his physical environment and the Internet; his daughter, Amber, on the run from her domineering mother, seeking her fortune in the outer system as an indentured astronaut; and Sirhan, Amber’s son, who finds his destiny linked to the fate of all of humanity.

For something is systematically dismantling the nine planets of the solar system. Something beyond human comprehension. Something that has no use for biological life in any form...


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Cesium | 2015-05-24 08:58:39
I found Accelerando rather boring and pointless. The book reads like a Blog of the singularity. A series of predictions or projections as to events that will happen as we master technology. The characters were mostly uninteresting, and the structure of the novel: a multi-generational family history about the family who owns the Cheshire Cat, didn't really work for me either.
khanses8 | 2018-07-20 12:52:33
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Anonymous | 2018-07-22 08:31:35
I read through Accelerando and it truly is a fantastic book. The told me about it and since then, I started reading it. It's the perfect science fiction book I wanted to read.
Anonymous | 2018-08-09 06:42:30
Charles is one of my favorite career boosters reviews writer. These books are really tough to publish by him. Such dry topics I can’t read but still, I must congratulate him and appreciate him for this book.
Anonymous | 2018-08-28 10:51:32
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