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Ryan Richmond was as ordinary as any child growing up in America in the late sixties. His dreams, however, were far from average and could be described as nothing less than “out of this world.” From an early age, Ryan was fascinated by the solar system and its still undiscovered secrets.

Growing up in a middle class neighborhood of Henderson, Nevada his aspirations of space exploration seemed unattainable. Nonetheless, Ryan proved to be far from ordinary, and by the time he left high school he was about to sell his first business for $100,000 and invest the money. A short time later he was the proud new owner of his first space company, a business started in a derelict old building down the road from his childhood home.

Being the resourceful young man he was, Ryan took advantage of the downsizing European and Russian space programs by hiring some of their leading space experts to work in his new venture program, Astermine Co.

Fueled by up and coming investments into Qualcomm and Google, Ryan’s business-savvy grew and Astermine branched out to California where he recruited some of the country’s top aerospace engineers, astrophysicists and scientists whom had been tossed to the wayside by NASA’s downsizing shuttle program.

With his own program now well established, Ryan and his ragtag group of experts have begun to develop the spacecraft of the future. There’s only one problem standing in their way: The U.S. government has renewed its interest in space travel, and they want Astermine!

Rave reviews on Amazon for the entire series

If you loved the movies "Gravity" and "The Martian" you will love this series.


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