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by Jeremy McCollum

Brett Quinlan is shocked and disturbed by the sudden disappearance of Christians all over the world, and now he is forced to examine his own faltering faith. Soon war, earthquakes, famine and disease ravage the earth like never before, and the young lawyer and part-time pastor finds himself leading a remnant and fighting for survival. After organizing the Christian Safe House Network, the new Global Government goes on the offensive and rounds up the Christians in work camps attempting to force them to give up their faith. Brett comes to realize that the only hope for Christians to survive is to flee to the last safe place for people of faith: the tiny embattled nation of Israel. Israel doesn’t seem to have a chance against the rest of the world, but Brett and the Christians know the only true Ruler of this world is about to return, defeat the Global Government, and usher in a new era: the Millennium.
Philip K. Dick
Locus Science Fiction

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