Books by H G Wells

City Of Bones

by Martha Wells

Men Like Gods

by H.G. Wells


by Dan Wells

5 avg rating

The First Men in the Moon

by H.G. Wells

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The First Men in the Moon, written by H.G. Wells, is a science fiction novel centering around two men who journey to the moon and make some surprising discoveries.

The Island Of Doctor Moreau

by H.G. Wells

Shipwrecked, Edward Prendick is rescued by a passing boat bound for the island of Doctor Moreau. After a fight with the vessel s captain, Prendick is forced to go ashore on the island, where his curiosity compels him to seek the truth about Doctor Moreau s gruesome experiments. This gripping science fiction novel by H. G. Wells explores themes of cruelty, morality, and man s abuse of nature.

The Shape Of Things To Come

by H.G. Wells

A prescient look at humankind's future
When a diplomat dies in the 1930s, he leaves behind a book of "dream visions" he has been experiencing, detailing events that will occur on Earth for the next 200 years. This fictional account of the future (similar to Last and First Men by Olaf Stapledon) proved prescient in many ways, as Wells predicts events such as  World War II, the rise of chemical warfare, and climate change.

The Time Machine

by H. G. Wells

4.25 avg rating
H.G. Wells best-selling classic THE TIME MACHINE.

War Of The Worlds

by H. G. Wells

4.6 avg rating
H. G. Wells' best-selling classic THE WAR OF THE WORLDS

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