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Use Now Dollhouse Wallpaper Vol 3: 6 Ready To Use Dollhouse Wallpapers To Decorate 6 Rooms; Full Color!

by Dollhouse Devotions

What is The Use Now Dollhouse series? The Use Now Dollhouse series is something you rarely see in today’s day and age; A book of ready to use dollhouse wallpapers.

Simply choose your pattern and remove it from the book, prepare and apply it like you would any dollhouse wallpaper. All papers in the Use now dollhouse series are printed on one side only to prevent bleed-through.  This is the perfect way to decorate your dollhouse

No computer involved; no scaling or sizing. (Unlike digital art.)

This book contains 6 wallpaper patterns to decorate 6 rooms. There are several books in this series with the same name. The cover shows you exactly what wallpaper you're getting. So feel free to browse them all and enjoy.

All designs in this series were adapted from authentic sample books. These designs look perfect in period dollhouses as well as some more modern ones.

Wallpaper is a large part of what gives a dollhouse that finished and homey feel. Dollhouse wallpaper is beautiful, but finding a large quantity of authentic period designs with a fine enough scale has always been a challenge for dollhouse enthusiasts.

 That’s why Dollhouse Devotions is pleased to offer a wide range of Use Now floors, wallpapers and wall prints.  There's also a bonus in this book for Stained Glass that you can download for your dollhouse.

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