Books by Barrington J Bayley

The Soul Of A Robot

by Barrington J. Bayley

In the year 2015, household robot helpers are as common as electrical appliances. The overabundance of pollution and traffic has driven people out of the big metropolises into smaller suburbs much like Greenview, Il where the nation's largest producer of these robots, Armonk Enterprises, reside. The town will be shaken by an unforeseen occurrence. One of the best selling machines, the BTX-20 kills its owner Frank Hamilton; husband, father, and an employee of Armonk. With the advances in artificial intelligence, the question becomes posed... Was the BTX-20 aware of the murderous act it committed? As the ensuing trial grips the nation, one small town detective uncovers a web of mystery and corporate deceit. One question leads to another, leading Detective John Hanson down the dark and dangerous path which leads straight into the heart of Robot Soul... Robot Soul, by James Fink.

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