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A list of popular social science fiction books. Social science fiction are books that attempt to critique or explore societal issues. That is the concept of social evolution, change, and science impact on relationships. The focus on exploring social issues takes precedence over technology or hard science Vote on entries and/or submit new Social Science Fiction books to the list.


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This Immortal Or ...and Call Me Conrad

by Roger Zelazny

Conrad Nomikos has a long, rich personal history that he'd rather not talk about. And, as arts commissioner, he's been given a job he'd rather not do. Escorting an alien grandee on a guided tour of the shattered remains of Earth is not something he relishes - especially since it is apparent that this places him at the center of high-level intrigue that has some bearing on the future of Earth itself. But Conrad is a very special guy....

The Warriors Apprentice

by Lois McMaster Bujold

Discharged from the Barrayan Military Academy, Miles Vorkosigan chances on a jumpship with a rebellious pilot and arranges to take over the ship. Events escalate from there, and soon Miles is commander of a mercenary fleet and reinvents himself as Admiral Naismith of the Dendarii Mercenary Army. “The pace is breathless, the characterizations thoughtful and emotionally powerful… Highly recommended,” writes Booklist.

"Bujold's first book SHARDS OF HONOR was called 'possibly the best first novel of the year' by the Chicago Sun Times. THE WARRIOR'S APPRENTICE is even better."
- Fantasy Review

"The action is fast, furious and delicious... Best of all, Bujold achieves a fine balance of comedy with intelligence, heroics with loss, so THE WARRIOR'S APPRENTICE goes far beyond simple entertainment."
- Locus Magazine

"The pace is breathless, the characterization thoughtful and emotionally powerful, and the author's narrative technique and command of language compelling. Highly recommended."
- Booklist

“Bujold continues to prove what marvels genius can create out of basic space operatics.”
- Library Journal

“Bujold is not just a master of plot, she is a master of emotion.”
- SF Site

“Bujold is one of the best writers of SF adventure to come along in years.”
- Locus Magazine

“A superb craftsman and stylist, Ms. Bujold is well on her way to becoming one of the great voices of speculative fiction.”
- Rave Reviews

“Bujold has a gift, nearly unique in science fiction, for the comedy of manners.”
- Chicago Sun Times

“Superb far-future saga.”
- Publishers Weekly on the 'Vorkosigan' series

Bujold's "work remains among the most enjoyable and rewarding in contemporary SF."
- Publishers Weekly

"Bujold is also head and shoulders above the ruck of current fantasists and well as science-fictionists."
- Booklist.- Publishers Weekly

"Bujold is also head and shoulders above the ruck of current fantasists and well as science-fictionists."
- Booklist.

Lois McMaster Bujold was born in 1949, the daughter of an engineering professor at Ohio State University, from whom she picked up her early interest in science fiction. She now lives in Minneapolis, and has two grown children. She began writing with the aim of professional publication in 1982. She wrote three novels in three years; in October of 1985, all three sold to Baen Books, launching her career. Bujold went on to write many other books for Baen, mostly featuring her popular character Miles Naismith Vorkosigan, his family, friends, and enemies. Her books have been translated into twenty-one languages. Her fantasy from Eos includes the award-winning Chalion series and the Sharing Knife series.


by Robert J. Sawyer

British Fantasy Society

Hothouse Or The Long Afternoon Of Earth

by Brian Aldiss

In the future, when the Sun has expanded and is ready to go nova, few animal species remain while plants have adapted to fill animal niches. One of the few species to survive are humans, but in much-altered forms. It is here where young tribal Gren finds himself captured by an intelligent fungus with plans to colonize humans to control the world! Hothouse tells the story of a remarkable journey of discovery that will alter your perceptions about the true nature of the world today... and the world to come!
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