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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KarenRollins, Nov 21, 2020.

  1. KarenRollins

    KarenRollins Full Member

    Moving is an awful task for every family and person. It is really complicated and necessary to work with all the time. So my choice is moving with the help of a tool or a professional designer. Are there any books assisting to do it quickly and without any emotional problems?
  2. GwynHuddle

    GwynHuddle Regular Member

    Books are great and very useful for this point of view. But my approach is connected to the usage of software as the main helper to see several variants to work further with this. And it'll be really convenient to use it for any changes.
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  3. EdwardOrozco

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    To my mind, it is really great and important to read and to learn more and ore if you have chosen design as your best business for your life. But knowledge mean nothing without their application. At least, start with work. You will see the process here as a game. The tool will show you what you can do with ordinary things and provide you as many successful results, as you didn't imagine earlier.

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