Crypto or Real Money, What is Preferred to Buy for You?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KarenRollins, Sep 9, 2020.

  1. KarenRollins

    KarenRollins Full Member

    I like a lot of variants to buy the books for. But sometimes it is more interesting and convenient for me to pay for the book with the help of crypto. May be it'll be better to buy with the help of real money? What is your way?
  2. EdwardOrozco

    EdwardOrozco Regular Member

    I like to buy books, food, pay for the services using cryptocurrency I earn with the help and other similar assistants. I have tried a lot of them before started to work with this one mostly. My opinion is connected to profit. So this is the best one for me. And then I go to pay with the help of BTC for everything I can.
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  3. GwynHuddle

    GwynHuddle Regular Member

    As for me, the online currency becomes more and more popular today. So when I started to learn about different ways of getting income online, crypto and forex trading took my first line of interest. When I check different variants of getting income from them, forex broker paid my detailed attention to themselves. And I found a couple of reliable variants and worked with the only one from that moment. As it worth working and usage.

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