Best Cyberpunk Books

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Biopunk Books

Very similar to Cyberpunk in theme and style but with the technological focus NOT on computer/virtual reality but on bioengineering (engineering of the human body, bio-hacking, made to human specing, etc). Keep in mind that like cyberpunk, biopunk very much follows in the same literary traditions, focusing on human-machine relationship, individuality, government corruption and conspiracy, crime-infested slums, evil corporations, human-body experimentation, and a dark, dismal vision of the future

Wetware Science Fiction Books

A small but emerging sub-genre that features the use of biological technology and is part of the Cyberpunk traditions. As such, the idea of "Wetware" is often featured in Post-Modern Cyberpunk tales. Wetware is essentially the integration between biological and software systems in a human body usually accessible and controllable through a mental interface.