Hardboiled Science Fiction Books

A specific form of detective story that merges film noir with the classic American detective novel. A good visual representation of hardboiled sci-fi would be Blade Runner. Hardboiled usually features a cynical down-and-out lone detective who faces some sort of conspiracy mystery investigation. The setting is often seedy bars, crime infested neighborhoods, or a squeaky clean corporate setting. The science fiction aspect adds future tech, usually in the form of bio-engineered body upgrades that give the detective (and criminals he faces) enhanced abilities. Hardboiled Science Fiction is often part of the Cyberpunk tradition.

Spy-Fi Books

A sub-genre of Science Fiction that focuses on spies and espionage in the near-future. A key feature of Spyfi is the effects of technology on the espionage trade-the technological gadgets used tend to be over the top.