Best Cyberpunk Books

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Synthetic Biology Science Fiction

An emerging science fiction sub-genre that focuses on artificial life, biological engineering, and biohacking. This sub-genre is highly related to Biopunk, though the focus tends not to focus necessary on the "Punk" tropes but rather on the biological engineering aspect. Think of it as a "broad catch all" subgenre that can include works that focus on biological engineering.


Nanopunk is similar to Cyberpunk (same themes) but differs mainly in that the technological focus is not computers but nanotech.

Biopunk Books

Very similar to Cyberpunk in theme and style but with the technological focus NOT on computer/virtual reality but on bioengineering (engineering of the human body, bio-hacking, made to human specing, etc). Keep in mind that like cyberpunk, biopunk very much follows in the same literary traditions, focusing on human-machine relationship, individuality, government corruption and conspiracy, crime-infested slums, evil corporations, human-body experimentation, and a dark, dismal vision of the future

Wetware Science Fiction Books

A small but emerging sub-genre that features the use of biological technology and is part of the Cyberpunk traditions. As such, the idea of "Wetware" is often featured in Post-Modern Cyberpunk tales. Wetware is essentially the integration between biological and software systems in a human body usually accessible and controllable through a mental interface.

Hardboiled Science Fiction Books

A specific form of detective story that merges film noir with the classic American detective novel. A good visual representation of hardboiled sci-fi would be Blade Runner. Hardboiled usually features a cynical down-and-out lone detective who faces some sort of conspiracy mystery investigation. The setting is often seedy bars, crime infested neighborhoods, or a squeaky clean corporate setting. The science fiction aspect adds future tech, usually in the form of bio-engineered body upgrades that give the detective (and criminals he faces) enhanced abilities. Hardboiled Science Fiction is often part of the Cyberpunk tradition.