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Zombie Seed

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  • Author: P.M. Barnes
  • Series: Volume 1
  • Publish Date: 2014-05-18
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    RE: Zombie Books
    By: Anonymous
    2015-03-09 12:24:00

    This is my favorite Zombie book. Simply stated, it is filled with much more daring than most zombie books. Inside, you will find, a cunningly crafted story about strong and dynamic characters, portrayed from multiple points of view. You will find compelling and shocking elements presented in such a way that the line between 'good guy' and 'bad' is indistinct and blurry.

    This one will stick with you people!

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    3 out of 3 people found this review helpful
    RE: Zombie Books
    By: Craig
    2015-03-09 12:39:15

    This book has been one of the most enjoyable reads for a while it combines the darker side of the zombie apocalypse with a love triangle. It was all go from start to finish and makes you think about elements that you would never associate with other zombie books, series or even films it really shows the darker side of life and is a must read for any zombie enthusiast .

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