Zombie Fallout Series

by Mark Tufo

4.55 avg rating
Book 1 of 106 in the Zombie Books
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Anonymous | 2015-03-08 05:52:41
Best and most engrossing series I've read. Mark Tufo is a genious!
Anonymous | 2015-03-08 07:04:05
These books are addictive once you start you cannot stop iv re read them so many times and im still not bored of them.chopping at the bit for more books in this series
Anonymous | 2015-03-08 07:14:16
This is the series that started it all for me. You love the people in these books. They are funny, witty and scary all at the same time. This series is addictive and you cannot read just one. Mark hits it on the nose for everything you want in a great read.
susan d | 2015-03-08 07:17:13
Mark Tufo series is fantastic. He as far as I am concerned is a great writer. I was grabbed and pulled right into the story from the beginning. I laughed out loud with,cried, and was scared along with the characters he has created.
Anonymous | 2015-03-08 09:51:02
the best books I have read and heard
Anonymous | 2015-03-08 10:20:52
Zombie fallout encompasses everything a true zombie enthusiast looks for in a series. A lot of action, characters you love, those you hate, and some you can relate to. It's raw , real, and overall an extordinary thrill ride. Each book leaves you wanting more and you won't be disappointed.
Alina | 2015-03-09 07:11:10
I loved this series from page 3 of the first book! You just have to like Mike, when even afther stepping barefoot in a dog pile he still does everything to save his beloved english bully(well, and his family). This is a must read!!!
Mystaya69 | 2015-03-17 01:09:56
This series pulls you in and leaves you begging for more. It would make a great film or tv series. The Audiobook version is amazingly well done. The narrator pegs the main character to a T and even captures the New England accent, inflection and sarcastic edge. I look forward to every new book coming from this author and goggle it up the moment it is published.
Anonymous | 2015-03-17 03:23:47
I loved this series and the characters from the first chapter. I have read them all and listened to the audio version. It is perfect and the accent is perfect. I have since read all of Tufo 's books. He is a genius. I can't wait for the next book in this series!!!
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