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Barbara Delinsky's 1998 bestseller, COAST ROAD, featured a heroine who was a breast cancer survivor. To this day, it is the book that generates more mail than any of her others. That fact, combined with Barbara's ongoing commitment to breast cancer research, led her to her first book of nonfiction. ...

  • Author: David Brin
  • Publish Date: 2011-09-27
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    Political Science Fiction Books(Ranked 27 out of 50)

    Political Science Fiction speculating about where politics can take the human race -- both the good and the bad. As such, Political Science Fiction is a vehicle to explore and experiment with new idea...


    Xenofiction(Ranked 2 out of 20)

    Fiction from the perspective of sentience other than human. This could be aliens, animals, A.I. or any consciousness that's significantly different than human.

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