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Time Traveler Chronicles

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  • Author: Robert Werden
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    Reviews/Comments On Time Traveler Chronicles

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    A Must Read!
    By: Dennis Michaels
    2016-07-23 11:18:59

    Just an Awesome well thought out novel!
    I'm anxious to read more from this author!
    I didn't receive his ebook for exchange for an honest review! I was compelled to review on Amazon and Goodreads just because it's that GOOD!

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    RE: Time Traveler Chronicles
    By: Anonymous
    2016-08-09 11:54:25

    What a great book, very well-written and a great storyline. This book kept my interest throughout, and was a good science fiction novel that I would recommend to any sci fi fans. In part, it reminded me of Stargate SG-1, so if you’re a fan of that, you will probably like this, except it’s mostly about time travel rather than going to other planets.
    To improve it, I would remove the vulgarity of too much swearing. It adds nothing and is a bit distracting. I would also have only metric units used throughout, which I believe the US military use, it would make it more believable.

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