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The Stars My Destination

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#5 in the Millennium SF Masterworks series, a library of the finest science fiction ever written. "Science fiction has only produced a few works of actual genius, and this is one of them"-Joe Haldeman "Bester at the peak of his powers is, quite simply, unbeatable" -James Lovegrove Marooned ...

  • Author: Alfred Bester
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    Reviews/Comments On The Stars My Destination

    2 out of 2 people found this review helpful
    By: Anonymous
    2014-01-01 10:38:40

    emphasis? Do you mean empathize?

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    By: Anonymous
    2014-01-20 04:44:02

    It's Gully Foyle, not Gay. And Bester wrote several other novels besides 'The Demolished Man.'

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    3 out of 8 people found this review helpful
    By: Anonymous
    2014-05-31 07:57:56

    This book is a boring piece of shit.

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    1 out of 1 people found this review helpful
    By: Anonymous
    2015-06-19 09:04:20

    i don't know why so many people like this book. Sorry, it is way too full of "hip" stuff that makes me feel like i am reading a book from the 1950's. To me it has that same "tough" attitude that heinlein has in his my opinion best "moon is a harsh mistress", but whereas Heinlein writes in a way that is cool, Bester writes in a way that might be 50's cool, but it is lost on me. I would say the generation gap is to blame, but Kerouac and Hemingway and even Henry Miller all seemed fresh to me when i read them, whereas this is just cheesy. Sorry. This storyline was interesting, but the writing rubbed me the wrong way.

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    RE: The Stars My Destination
    By: anth
    2016-05-02 07:03:34

    I found this... ok...

    the notion of teleportation while it is carefully articulated as to its parameters it was still somehow poor. mainly in the "how" part, its sorta, kinda, just a thing we always had but never discovered... yer ok... but this seems like lazy writing to me.

    then the story, it carried on some what, Gully, well Gully is a dick to be blunt. I like a dark gritty story, Gully isnt really morally ambiguous or anything interesting like that, hes just a dick and all over what i cannot shake as a pretty petty reason. they left him to die, not once does he think to ask why. yes, there is a sinister reason but not even for a second is it entertained that perhaps something logical may have caused the confusion of them leaving him behind.

    the circus, oh the circus isnt that a long winded pile of ridiculous. it leaves the feel of a bad acid trip apposed to sci fi.

    Gully is a single minded simpleton i found impossible to connect with and i guess that make this story only ok for me no matter how i tried to like it more.

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