The Orphans :Origins ,

by Mike Evans

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Book 8 of 106 in the Zombie Books
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Alina The Harajuku Zombie | 2015-03-08 02:24:46
What a book! First i was not sure that this is not another zompoc style book. And the title, well, i really was not in the mood to read about some orphans during a zombie apochalypse. Well, afther the book was choosen Zombie Book of the month by the book Club with the same name i decided that i have to give it a try. I started on a sunday, yesterday afthernoone thinking that, well, i will finish it thil end of the week. I was so wrong! I could not put this book down, it was like the kindle was glued to my hands. I faked a cold so that i could keep on reading and canceled all my sunday evening plans. Almost asleep i stoped reading when i hit 74%, and i stoped only because i felt that i cant give this great book my 100% atention. I will not spoil the pleasure of reading this book for someone else, because, you should buy it fast and read it. Each page will take you deeper and deeper in the world of the genius Dr Frank Fox that tries all that he can only to cure cancer and save the lovely woman that he wants to marry. On the other side, the workaholic genius tries his best to work out the relationship with his son Shaun. Ist a books about choices, about the wrong and the less wrong decission, about how something that feels so wringht can turne into a gigantic cathastrophy. For all you out there that love a great Zombie fight description, this is also included!We have gore, intestins, blood, bitting, scratching, a mean guy that you will have a feeling that is something wrong about him from the beggining(i had a Feeling about Rogers since his stupid Rogers roger joke) This zombies are fast and can fight, men, can they fight! The only way to tell them apart from regular people is the fact that they bleed from the eyes, have some skin missing from they forearm(because they take a bitte from themselfes before they start hunting and eating people) and are pale, and , well, the fact that they actually eat humans. The fact that the author takes the time to also explain what happens in a army camp where the drug was tested for the first time is also a nice aspect of this complex and captivating read. I can not recomend this highly enough, really i was surprised. I cant wait for volume 2!
Anonymous | 2015-03-11 02:25:55
Great read. Can't wait for the sequel
Anonymous | 2015-03-16 10:45:09
Word can not describe how I feel as I finished this book tonight. I am so sad that it ended and can not possibly wait for the next book in this series to come out. The character development is amazing and you truly develop an emotional relationship with each character as they come to life before your eyes. The Orphans had me at times nearly in tears wishing that I hadn't really read what I know I just had. Other times it had me so angry at ones actions that I was literally cursing them... the rest of the time it had me talking out loud making comments such as dang, oh my gosh, or that was brutal. This is not my typical genre for books and to be more then honest when it was recommended to me I only started reading it because a friend of mine told me I would love it, I had my doubts but he was right! I am now a new fan of Mike Evans, he has a long lasting fan waiting as patiently as possible for more books from his insane yet beautiful mind. I highly recommend this book. Its such a great read and will definitely leave you begging for more!!
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