The Greatest Adventure

by John Taine

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Book 21 of 29 in the Lost Worlds Books
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Dr. Lane likes old fossils. He even buys them. Saliors who have sailed to far off places bring him odd “finds” because they know the doc is likely to buy them. One day the Captain shows up with a find that truly intrigues Lane. Dr. Lane has money so he makes a deal with the Captain: show me where you found this specimen and he’ll finance the search for oil in the region of the find.

Edith, the doc’s daughter, tags along. It turns out she learns to fly the only airplane that they will have on the expedition.

Drake also comes along and is the one to decipher the strange images on the rocks that have been found and those to be discovered.

Ole Hansen is the Captain’s mate and is smarter than they think. He reads a lot and his knowledge of various topics helps them out frequently.

A strange mix of folks off on an adventure that leads them to more than they anticipated. This makes for a classic sci-fi novel that is really interesting to read. Frankly, it reads like a movie. It is so well-written that you can visualize the scenes.

Highly recommended!

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