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Anonymous | 2016-11-14 09:01:37
science fiction. It could happen but it probably won't. It could happen but by then you could be in your grave. Once you learn a new fact you can never return to the time before you learned the new fact. You can pretend you never learned the new fact but then you're a phony person. Also your body and face change over time.
Anonymous | 2016-11-17 01:46:44
MIT-style Quiz from The College Professor 1. Write a computer program. Call the program level 1. Now expand the program. Call this program level 2. Can you get the new program to "regress" from level 2 to level 1 again? 2.Are computer programs eternal or do they die? 3.An extraterrestrial being takes you aboard his spaceship. Aliens are supposed to have superior technology to ours. Maybe they do, maybe they don't. This alien fries a skillet of scrambled eggs. He shows a demonstration, maybe it's a magic trick maybe it isn't, where he (or she, or it) arranges for the scrambled eggs to go back into their original shells, the butter in the pan goes back into the Land O' Lakes container in its original hardened form, and the milk in the eggs goes back into the pitcher. Would all the milk still be available to go back into the original pitcher? Or not? Now, after this demonstration would you want this extraterrestrial being to "experiment" on you? 4. A fifteen year old boy takes the lectern at Harvard University. He could speak on one of any number of scientific topics. A video is made of the boy and the lecture. Isn't the video outdated as soon as it is recorded? What if the video is shown a year later? Ten years later? Seventy-five years later? Can the video become outdated? For how long can the boy in this video "relate" to others in his own age group? 5. A brain scan is taken of the speaker in question 4. How accurate can the brain scan be? Can total accuracy in brain scans ever be achieved? How about 500 years from now? 6. Two brain scans are taken of the speaker at the lecture in question 4, twenty-five minutes apart. How do you think the brain scans would compare to each other? Using the two brain scans, could the past life of the boy one year earlier be calculated. Could predictions be made about the lecturer one year later at age 16? Could future pubertal growth be predicted? How about the ultimate intelligence of the boy? How about motor skills? Can brain and body scans ever be totally accurate? Or will there always be missing "pixels" no matter how much the technology expands in the future? 7. Can an extraterrestrial being listen to a recording, be it a 45 RPM recording or a more modern one (without video) and calculate, from the sound, the dimensions of the room it was recorded in, the physical appearance of the band members, what is written on the band members' tee shirts and the mood of the music producer? 8. Calculate the odds of any airline company offering for sale voyages to the Alpha Centauri star system within the next fifty years. 9. Can the rolls of the dice at a casino craps table be calculated if you know enough about the gravitational influences on the dice as they are rolled?
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