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fea | 2013-12-10 10:03:21
One of the best space operas out there! Including novels and short stories that expand and explain certain aspects of the Revelation space universe.
Andrew | 2015-01-21 10:39:15
Three surefire steps to ruin a good story: 1. Insert cardboard cutout characters that have the same personality and over analyze everything. 2. Include massive 20 minute info dumps every 20 minutes. 3. Have your book narrated by Ben Stein the boring teacher in Ferris Bueller's Day Off and The Wonder Years. This is literally how this book went: (very conservative mildly interested voice) "By George, Sam, I think someone just vaporized Joe, with a trans-numatic ray gun. Why isn't that strange, I never much liked him anyway, always taking too long in the bathroom, and leaving the toilette seat up." 20 minute info dump about the technology behind the gun. (very conservative mildly interested voice) "Sally wasn't Joe your husband of 20 years? And didn't he discover the Polaris phenomenon, which allowed man to transmigrate his conscience awareness to the ocean of abysmal writing?" 20 minute info dump containing quasi-scientific speculation on transmigration of one's awareness to the ocean, which is far too vast and complex for human understanding (according to the author). (very conservative mildly interested voice) "Why yes, I did love him, he just insisted on having his own ideas about things, and was so cardboard that we won't even notice he's not around anymore, because we all act just like him. Well now that we don't have to worry about him, we can get back to analyzing why airlocks in the spaceship work how they do, all while being shot at by the same person that killed my husband." Good job, when it comes to amazing ideas, terribly executed, this book ranks right up there with Brent Weeks' Night Angel.
Anonymous | 2017-03-07 08:14:45
Couldn't disagree more, but to each his own.
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