Oryx And Crake

by Margaret Atwood

3.67 avg rating
142 votes 4 comments
Oryx and Crake is at once an unforgettable love story and a compelling vision of the future. Snowman, known as Jimmy before mankind was overwhelmed by a plague, is struggling to survive in a world where he may be the last human, and mourning the loss of his best friend, Crake, and the beautiful and elusive Oryx whom they both loved. In search of answers, Snowman embarks on a journey–with the help of the green-eyed Children of Crake–through the lush wilderness that was so recently a great city, until powerful corporations took mankind on an uncontrolled genetic engineering ride. Margaret Atwood projects us into a near future that is both all too familiar and beyond our imagining.

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Anonymous | 2013-02-01 06:55:29
Atwood\'s modern classic. I like it better than her Handmaid\'s Tale. It\'s more bleak and post apocalyptic.
Anonymous | 2014-01-01 12:25:33
With the way things have been going for a while now I think we have more to worry about with the government watching our every move than the guys trying to sell us junk food and video games.
Anonymous | 2018-08-22 03:48:36
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