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Moonstar Odyssey

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She was born in the moonstar's shadow when the storms of Satlik raged their worst. Because of this Jobe was different. the family never spoke of it but everyone knew Jobe was special. So Jobe came to know if it too. She had a destiny beyond that of Choice, beyond that moment when she must finall...

  • Author: Gerrold
  • Publish Date: 1977-02-01
  • Book Awards

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    1977 Nebula Nominated: Moonstar Odyssey

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    Science fiction about re-engineering the ecosystem of a planet that is hostile to life into one that can support life.

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    By: Bard Bloom
    2015-06-14 04:18:22

    Three parts Ursula LeGuin, one part Jack Vance, one part 1970's, and one part David Gerrold himself.

    Don't read this book for the plot (cf. Jack Vance), because the plot is pretty thin.

    Read this book as if it were an alien ethnography: a chance to see a fascinating world from almost the inside. Get a taste of what it's like to grow up as a hermaphrodite. Taste alien vegetables, swim in alien waters, wear alien pronouns, suffer human loneliness.

    It's actually pretty good if you read it right. (It's mediocre if you read it wrong.)

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