Lord of Light

by Roger Zelazny

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“Funny, wise, and infused with a sense of wonder and knowledge….Nobody else made myths real and valuable in the way Roger Zelazny could.”
—Neil Gaiman


Lord of Light is a classic tale of the far future from the incomparable Roger Zelazny. Winner of the Hugo Award—one of six Zelazny received over the course of his legendary career, as well as three Nebula Awards and numerous other honors—Lord of Light stands with Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War and Frank Herbert’s Dune as one of the seminal novels that changed the way readers looked at science fiction. Experience it and you will understand why New York Times bestselling sf author Greg Bear says, “Reading Zelazny is like dropping into a Mozart string quartet as played by Thelonius Monk.”


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Anonymous | 2014-12-06 09:53:33
Roger Zelazny is an author who must be read, and _Lord of Light_ is one of his great works. Zelazny is fascinated both with the gods of different religious systems, and with the line between technology and godhood. In _Lord of Light_, Zelazny explores the Hindu pantheon. A far future human civilization has used technology to tame a harsh world and strong individuals have taken on attributes of gods. Zelazny's is a poetic writer, carefully choosing words and creating strong, memorable images. _Creatures of Light and Darkness_ is another book written by Zelazny about the same time as _Lord of Light_. _Creatures of Light and Darkness_ uses the Egyptian pantheon, and is a lovely, short 100 page book, where Zelazny masterfully experiments with the form of storytelling. The end result is nearly as much poetry as prose. Finally, the _Amber_ series explores the intrigues of a family of gods through ten volumes.
Lensman | 2015-05-26 06:33:47
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