Highway Of Eternity

by Clifford D. Simak

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Book 60 of 67 in the Time Travel Books
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It all began simply enough. A client had vanished, and Jay Corcoran went to investigate the man's hotel suite, which seemed empty. Bot Corcoran's trick vision spotted what no one else could see - a room-sized box stuck somehow to the outside wall of the suite. There was no way to get into the box, however, so Corcoran cabled his longtime pal Tom Boone in Singapore to fly to New York. Boone had a talent. When threatened, he could "step around a corner" into some otherwhere until the danger passed. Maybe he could step around a corner into the box. The box turned out to be a time traveler machine that transported them almost instantly back to 1745 in Shropshire, England, where they found a strange family of refugees from a million years in the future. There, in the far future, the alien Infinites were converting humanity to incorporeal form, promising that would give them immortality. When the family refused conversion, they had been forced to flee in their time travelers. Now, for more than a century they had lain hidden in their time bubble around Hopkins Acre. But they had reports of something sniffing at the bubble. The, suddenly, the Infinites' killer monster broke through. After that, things grew complicated as they fled to the distant past and the farther future.

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