by Raymond Boyles

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Home, Home on the Range As Halsey stared into the distance, movement caught his eye. He looked to his left, and saw a moving carpet of alien grass climbing up the slope beside him. More was coming up on his right.He sighed. I hate this planet, he thought.When the grass got in the way of his gun, he swept at it, angrily.The grass swept back. Where the deer and the antelope play. Not on Freehome. More like the dreaded giant mosquito-like things known as "needle-nose" and the infamous "walking grass" that sneaks up and surrounds its victims.Not only do the Rurals have Mother Nature to worry about on Freehome, they also have the city people to contend with. The Latecomers want to do away with the Rurals' way of life. At any cost.But the Rurals have faith

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