Extinction Horizon By Nicholas


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Shannon | 2015-03-17 12:05:37
I had no idea what to expect~ well I take that back. I figured it was a Zombie novel and Apocalyptic scenario that I love and enjoy reading. So I expected that and went into it armed with no knowledge on it as I do not read reviews and the author actually wanted me to try it out. Let me first say I do not know him personally and in no way shape or form was I paid or any have any type of affiliation or read any of his previous work. That being said, I expected a book that I would be interested in and generally the same type of genre driven story line I normally read..So I made time to start and 15% into the book I was blown away. Every possible thing that would pique my interest was put together in this story. A fast paced, you are THERE with these characters, very well explained and easy to understand from page 1 "movie in my head!"... I was hooked! Every time I had a question in my head (as I am a think ahead how, why, what if, analytically driven to detail, and mostly character development person), it was later explained with more than I could have even foreseen! Which does not usually happen but with few authors I have read. I felt the research and probability factor of this book was so good to the point I had to put it down and walk away a few times to gather my thoughts. (That has not happened since DJ Molles Remaining series).. I am delving into book 2 today. I do hope there is plans in the future for more in this series. So many possibilities and I am sure the writer has the ending and lots of twists already in his head..Cannot wait to read it. Well done and brilliantly explained characters you can relate and feel emotions and scenarios with. I could actually feel the fright and "hear" the scratches. The emotions are ones that I found myself almost mimicking as they were happening in the story. I was mad and sad and happy with these characters. The actions scenes were extremely well written and not far-fetched at all, but extremely plausible. The whole story from beginning to end was excellent. I really cannot do it justice by my review alone. I HIGHLY Recommend this series!
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