Bone Song

by John Meaney

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Book 34 of 35 in the Hardboiled Science Fiction Books
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In this darkly luminous thriller, John Meaney blends gritty futuristic noir with gothic fantasy to create a stunningly seductive world of death and desire. Here an honest cop must face his own darkest impulses as he hunts a perverse killer through a city of the dead.

There have been four celebrity murders already. Now it’s up to Lieutenant Donal Riordan to make sure that Tristopolis isn’t the scene of a fifth. But the necropolis’s vast underground network is already mobilizing for a battle of epic proportions against a powerful death cult whose dark influence reaches up to the highest echelons of Tristopolis’s elite. Riordan’s only hope is an unlikely alliance with a para-live female agent as they hunt—both aboveground and below—among gargoyles and zombies, spirit slaves and assassins, for the killers even the dead have reason to fear.

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