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Blue Earth

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  • Author: Jeff Stover
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    RE: Literary Science Fiction Books
    By: Anonymous
    2014-08-08 11:19:21

    What really fascinated me about the story was the author's ability to create a world where mechanized battle suits, nano-implants, and biotechnology could coexist with theological scholars, biblical textual criticism, and future religious studies.

    The mythic struggle between humanity and technology continues to simmer in the collective conscious. In the 19th century, we were given "Frankenstein" and "The Island of Doctor Moreau". In the 20th century, it was "The Terminator" and "The Matrix". And now, in the 21st century, we are given the "THRONES".

    Cloning is going to happen. Man will play God and create a new race. So what happens when these clones start having special abilities and escape their owners. They start walking the earth solving the major issues that humanity faces only to have people start worshiping them, others fear them as monsters, and the corporation that created them puttings out a bounty on them. This is were the real Story begins.

    The characterization is just awesome. Near Future world creation is right on.

    This is a smart cerebral Sci-Fi with the fun of a Thriller.

    The novel covers the dehumanizing of humanity by technology in a very humanizing way. I think the book's dedication says it all:

    Buy this book. It is sooooo worth it!!!!

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