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  • Author: Peter Watts
  • Book Awards

    Nominated for 3 (3 unique awards)
  • 1 Hugo
  • 1 Locus Science Fiction
  • 1 John W. Campbell

  • Book Award Years
    2007 Hugo Nominated: Blindsight
    2007 Locus Science Fiction Nominated: Blindsight
    2007 John W. Campell Award Nominated: Blindsight

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    Reviews/Comments On Blindsight

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    By: Jarno
    2013-09-23 03:06:14


    I read this book a long while ago, and subsequently forgot the name and the author - only remembered the story. Finally I've got the name.

    The concept of this book is quite original, and bone-chilling. Certainly memorable. If you haven't already, read it!

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    By: fea
    2013-12-10 10:07:27

    One of the best first alien contact books! The concept of alien mind and consciousness is outstanding.

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    1 out of 1 people found this review helpful
    By: JS
    2014-06-07 04:09:52

    I read this book after finding it recommended in this list. Fantastic book!

    I love science fiction, but hate wading through the schlock to find the really smart ones. Blindsight is definitely one of the smart ones.

    I got the same feeling I had when I discovered Asimov as a teen.

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    RE: Blindsight
    By: hassankhan
    2018-07-20 12:55:28

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    RE: Blindsight
    By: Gkamse
    2018-08-15 12:17:39

    good post. site

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