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Beggars In Spain

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In a world where the slightest edge can mean the difference between success and failure, Leisha Camden is beautiful, extraordinarily intelligent ... and one of an ever-growing number of human beings who have been genetically modified to never require sleep.

Once considered interesting anom...


  • Author: Nancy Kress
  • Publish Date: 2004-11-23
  • Book Awards

    Won 1 awards in total (1 unique awards)
  • 1 Hugo

  • Nominated for 2 (2 unique awards)
  • 1 Locus Science Fiction
  • 1 John W. Campbell

  • Book Award Years
    1994 Hugo Winner: Beggars In Spain
    1994 Locus Science Fiction Nominated: Beggars In Spain
    1994 John W. Campell Award Nominated: Beggars In Spain
    1993 Nebula Nominated: Beggars In Spain

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