by Neal Stephenson

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A #1 New York Times Bestseller, Anathem is perhaps the most brilliant literary invention to date from the incomparable Neal Stephenson, who rocked the world with Snow Crash, Cryptonomicon, and The Baroque Cycle. Now he imagines an alternate universe where scientists, philosophers, and mathematicians live in seclusion behind ancient monastery walls until they are called back into the world to deal with a crisis of astronomical proportions.


Anathem won the Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel and the reviews for have been dazzling: “Brilliant” (South Florida Sun-Sentinel), “Daring” (Boston Globe), “Immensely entertaining” (New York Times Book Review), “A tour de force” (St. Louis Post-Dispatch), while Time magazine proclaims, “The great novel of ideas…has morphed into science fiction, and Neal Stephenson is its foremost practitioner.”

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DH | 2014-03-29 04:38:26
It's Ok. I would never say that this is in my top ten. All the author does throughout the entire book is try to convince you that he is smarter than you. He has very cool ideas in the book but all i kept thinking was, "get on with it!" Full chapters of dialogue about nothing in particular. I felt like I was reading Plato's Republic again. All in all I liked the book but Stephenson needs to just get on with it and realize that he is not the smartest man in the Universe.
Anonymous | 2015-09-04 10:45:47
Huge book with huge ideas, took me two tries to get into it, but then very enjoyable, although a little tough at times to stick with.
Piercean9 | 2018-05-18 08:01:29
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