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A Rebel In Time

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Can history be changed?

Can the south still win the War Between the States?

Colonel McColloch thinks so...and his gold, his gun, and some very special blueprints stand behind him to help him prove it.

Sargeant Harmon is a black man who hopes not...and only his readiness, ingenuity, and w...


  • Author: Harry Harrison
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    RE: A Rebel In Time
    By: Mapache
    2016-10-14 06:48:27

    I once tried reading this godawful novel. The plot is that racist bad guy builds time machine, goes back to the Civil War to give the South modern technology, and the black protagonist follows him, on a one-way trip with no way back. At that point, I just gave up in disgust. The bad guy went back in time weeks ago, so there’s clearly no rush, so why would the hero ever go on a one-way trip?

    Just off the bat, he’s military, so he could get a whole squad of soldiers plus another disassembled time machine, go back, nab the bad guy, assemble the time machine, and come home.

    He could send back a bomb to about to go off a tenth of a second after the bad guy got there.

    He could go back just two weeks and stop the bad guy from traveling in the first place, then just avoid himself for two weeks.

    But no, he takes off a half-assed unprepared attempt to chase the bad guy with no way to get back from a racist hellhole where he’ll probably die of diseases he’s not immune to in any case. You! Have! A! Time! Machine!

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