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Hard Science Fiction Books

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Hard science fiction focuses on scientific theories or grand theoretical ideas. There is a significant amount of real science (or theoretical) present... more

Criteria: hard science fiction books only -- that is, science fiction books with extreme attention to physics, math, or other scientific ideas.

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By: Anonymous
2018-08-25 02:41:16

The Halls of Avienne by John Zakis would be a good one to add to this list

By: Anonymous
2018-08-22 04:53:54

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By: Anonymous
2017-07-20 08:09:24

The Reality Thief by Paul Anlee (Book 1 in Deplosion series) would be a good addition to this list. High concept, provocative, hard sci-fi in the style of Asimov and Heinlein.

By: Anonymous
2016-02-28 02:17:42

The Martian by Andy Weir would be awesome as well. It's what brought me to the more Science than Fiction part of the world.

By: Anonymous
2016-01-22 04:47:27

"Jurassic park" by Michael Crichton would be another interesting book to add. Another one from the same author is "NEXT".

By: Anonymous
2015-06-27 07:15:59

"Blindsight" by Peter Watts would be a worthy addition to this list.