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by Warren Hammond

Juno is desperate…

Ex-cop Juno Mozambe takes dirty pictures for the tabloids. He’s fallen a long way since he once ruled the Koba Office of Police as the corrupt chief’s enforcer and right-hand man. To make matters worse, his wife is in the hospital in need of a new spine, and spines don’t come cheap.

So when he gets the opportunity to do a little side work for his once-partner Maggie Orzo, he’s all too eager to offer his expertise. But finding himself on a derelict barge staring at a bloated corpse, he is about to realize that for a man with his checkered past, there’s no such thing as a quick paycheck.

A serial killer is racking up bodies. A steroid-riddled cop is running rogue. An offworld businessman is pulling the strings. And a sexy porn star is making her move. To score the money Juno needs to keep his wife alive, he’ll need to defeat them all.

If they don’t kill him first…


by Warren Hammond

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