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Awards Won by Terry Pratchett

Won 5 awards in total (3 unique awards)
  • 3 Locus YA
  • 1 Locus Fantasy
  • 1 British Science Fiction Association

  • Nominated for 10 (2 unique awards)
  • 3 Locus YA
  • 7 Locus Fantasy

  • Terry Pratchett won awards for the following:
    2013 Locus YA Award Nominated: Dodger
    2012 Locus Fantasy Nominated: Snuff
    2011 Locus YA Award Nominated: I Shall Wear Midnight
    2010 Locus Fantasy Nominated: Unseen Academicals
    2009 Locus YA Award Nominated: Nation
    2008 Nebula Nominated: Making Money
    2008 Locus Fantasy Winner: Making Money
    2007 Locus YA Award Winner: Wintersmith
    2006 Locus Fantasy Nominated: Thud!
    2005 Nebula Nominated: Going Postal
    2005 Locus Fantasy Nominated: Going Postal
    2005 Locus YA Award Winner: A Hat Full of Sky
    2004 Locus YA Award Winner: The Wee Free Men
    2004 Locus Fantasy Nominated: Monstrous Regiment
    2003 Locus Fantasy Nominated: Night Watch
    2002 Locus Fantasy Nominated: Thief of Time
    1989 British Science Fiction Association Award Winner: Pyramids