Books by Simon Ings


by Simon Ings

Simon Ing's newest, a chilling literary dystopia for readers who love Iain Banks and J.G. Ballard
Augmented Reality uses computing power to overlay a digital imagined reality over the real world. Whether it be ads or imagined buildings and imagined people, with Augmented Reality the world is no longer as it appears to you, it is as it is imagined by someone else. Two friends are working at the cutting edge of this technology, and when they are offered backing to make it into the next global entertainment, they realize that wolves hunt in this imagined world. And the wolves might be them. A story about technology becomes a personal quest into a changed world and the pursuit of a secret from the past. This is no dry analysis of how a technology might change us, it is a terrifying thriller, a picture of a dark tomorrow that is just around the corner.

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