Books by Shouji Gatou

Full Metal Panic! Volume 2

by Shouji Gatou

Popular, very pretty, and telepathic teenager Kaname is off on her school outing to Okinawa with her schoolmates. As they say, vacations never go according to plan, and when terrorists hijack their plane, they find themselves held as hostages in North Korea. A deadly terrorist organization has been tracking Kaname carefully, wanting to study her gift of "the Whispered," her telepathic skill, and they are willing to sacrifice everyone on the plane to capture her. Unfortunately for the terrorists, Sosuke Sagara, agent of the hyper-secret government commando agency, "Mithril," is undercover as one of the students. Mission: protect Kaname without her knowledge.

Full Metal Panic! Volume 5

by Shouji Gatou

High school student Kaname and her undercover protector Sosuke are back again, and the bad guys aren't far behind! Kaname and American exchange student Tessa have been captured by the terrorist group A-21. They must escape, but first they must destroy a gigantic and invincible weapon before A-21 can activate it! Will Sosuke and his covert ops organization MITHRIL show up in time?

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