Books by Peter Delacorte

Time On My Hands

by Peter Delacorte

While in Paris, Gabriel Prince, a somewhat jaded but charming writer of high-end travel guides, is offered the chance of a lifetime-- a trip through time. There's only one hitch: the left-wing owner of the time machine, quantum physicist Jasper Hudnut, wants Gabriel to perform an errand. Gabriel must go back to pre-World War II Hollywood-- a time when Howard Hawks was in his prime and Humphrey Bogart was still waiting for his break-- and somehow derail a young contract actor named Ronald "Dutch" Reagan from his track to the Oval Office.

When signing on for the trip, Gabriel couldn't have imagined the strange turns his life would take. He wouldn't have guessed he'd fall in love with a starlet, or that after landing a job as a screenwriter at Warner Bros., he'd discreetly plunder the future for script ideas. And he certainly couldn't have guessed he'd become friends with Dutch Reagan.

Gabriel learns quickly that altering history isn't as easy as it looks-- especially when he must stay ahead of several sinister characters from the future. Yet, despite numerous decade-tripping detours, Gabriel still has time on his hands-- time to discover what the world would be like had Reagan never been President, and whether or not his own future should ultimately reside in the past.

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