Books by Kevin J Anderson

Assemblers Of Infinity

by Kevin J. Anderson

An incredible discovery on the lunar farside--massive structures being erected by intelligent, living machines--could threaten the lives of the colonists living on the Moon.

Captain Nemo

by Kevin J. Anderson

Captain Nemo is the fictional life story of one of Jules Verne's most memorable characters from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and The Mysterious Island. It covers his boyhood friendship with the dreamer, Jules Verne, adventures aboard sailing ships, battles with pirates, and survival on a mysterious deserted island. Each time he returns home to his beloved France, Captain Nemo shares the tales of his exploits with the struggling writer Verne. 

We follow Nemo's exploration of hidden caverns that lead to the center of the earth, travels across darkest Africa in a hydrogen balloon, and his imprisonment by an evil Ottoman caliph who commands the dark genius to construct a sub-marine boat, the Nautilus, in order to attack merchant ships that venture through the newly completed Suez Canal. 

Fantastic Voyage: Microcosm

by Kevin J. Anderson

An unidentified flying object has been shot down from the sky-and a single strange pod has survived intact.

Now Team Proteus-a U.S.-Russian crew of scientists, doctors and technicians-will be reduced in size using new miniaturization techniques and injected through the surface of the pod. So begins the most startling voyage of exploration in human history...

Inside the body of an alien.

Praise for Kevin J. Anderson:

Arguably the most prolific, most successful author working in [science fiction] today. (Algis Budrys)

The heir apparent to Arthur C. Clarke. (Daniel Keys Moran, author of The Last Dancer)

A rare combination of talent and practicality. (Starlog)

The hottest writer on (or off) the planet. (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

Ill Wind Kevin Anderson

by Kevin J. Anderson

It’s the largest oil spill in history: a crashed supertanker in San Francisco Bay. Desperate to avert environmental damage—and a PR disaster—the multinational oil company releases an untested “designer microbe” to break up the spill.

An “oil-eating” microbe, designed to consume anything made of petrocarbons: oil, gasoline, synthetic fabrics, and of course plastic.

What the company doesn’t realize is that their microbe propagates through the air. But when every car in the Bay Area turns up with an empty gas tank, they begin to suspect something is terribly wrong.

And when, in just a few days, every piece of plastic in the world has dissolved, it’s too late...

The Saga Of Seven Suns

by Kevin J. Anderson

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