Books by Kenneth Robeson

Man Of Bronze

by Kenneth Robeson

The Man of Bronze's origin story is revealed in the classic Lester Dent novels that launched the superhero genre, in an extra-length volume commemorating the 75th anniversary of Doc Savage's pulp debut. First, in "The Man of Bronze", the mysterious death of his father leads Doc to the Central American republic of Hidalgo where they discover a lost Mayan empire in the mythical Valley of the Vanished. Can Doc defeat the Feathered Serpent and the Red Death and free King Chaac and the beautiful Princess Monja? Then, in "The Land of Terror", Doc Savage trails the murderous master villain Kar, who controls the deadly Smoke of Eternity, to prehistoric Thunder Island where Doc and his men fight for their very survival against terrifying dinosaurs. In honor of the Man of Bronze's 75th anniversary, this special commemorative edition reprints the classic James Bama cover painting that launched the 1960s Doc Savage revival, along with all the features of the pulp cover edition, interior illustrations by Paul Orban, a never-before-published foreword and autobiographical essay by Lester Dent, and commentary by popular culture historian Will Murray.

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