Books by Jeff Kurtti

Treasure Planet: A Voyage of Discovery

by Jeff Kurtti

Go "behind the sails" on an intergalactic treasure hunt in this thrilling new animated space adventure by Walt Disney Pictures. A futuristic twist on one of the greatest adventure stories ever told, Treasure Planet follows Jim Hawkins's fantastic journey across a parallel universe aboard a glittering space galleon. Bug great dangers lie ahead when Jim discovers that his trusted mentor, the cyborg cook John Silver, is actually a scheming pirate with mutiny on his mind. Legends of pirate treasure and pirate terror, the lore of literary pirates, and a look at the loot of a thousand worlds are all featured in this richly illustrated volume that will be treasured by buccaneers of all ages. Discover the film's evolution and the development of its characters, weaponry, and technology, as well as exploring the interesting histories of actual pirates who sailed the seven seas. Part techno-log, part field guide, this book is brimming with diagrams, gadgets, and gizmos, fun facts, and fascinating anecdotes.

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