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A Rebel In Time

by Harry Harrison

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Can history be changed?

Can the south still win the War Between the States?

Colonel McColloch thinks so...and his gold, his gun, and some very special blueprints stand behind him to help him prove it.

Sargeant Harmon is a black man who hopes not...and only his readiness, ingenuity, and wit stand behind him to help him stop it.

In the corridors of contemporary Washington and on the fields where Civil War battles have yet to be fought, these two men take each other on--and the winner will determine the course of history....

A Stainless Steel Rat

by Harry Harrison

5 avg rating
Stainless Steel Rat is written by Harry Harrison who is also the author of Deathworld, Make Room! Make Room! (filmed as Soylent Green), the popular Stainless Steel Rat books, and many other famous works of SF.

At the publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management software (DRM) applied.

Arm Of The Law

by Harry Harrison

Bill Galactic Hero

by Harry Harrison

Bill, the Galactic Hero: The Final Incoherent Adventure!

by Harry Harrison

Recruited by Captain Kadaffi (a.k.a., Captain Cadaver) for a suicide mission to the planet Eyerack, Bill, a big, strong, and completely brainwashed galactic hero must complete the mission or die trying.

War With The Robots

by Harry Harrison

28 of the best short stories by the greatest names in 20th Century science fiction, including Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clarke, Lester Del Rey, Poul Anderson, Philip K Dick, John Brunner and Harry Harrison.

West Of Eden


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