Books by Fritz Leiber

Gather Darkness

by Fritz Leiber

"Gather, Darkness!" (originally serialized in "Astounding Science Fiction" in 1943) remains of of Fritz Leiber's classic novels, a tale of the world 360 years after a nuclear holocaust, when priests rule using trickery and techology -- and of Armon Jarles,

The Wanderer

by Fritz Leiber

The Wanderer inspires feelings of pure terror in the hearts of the five billion human beings inhabiting Planet Earth. The presence of an alien planet causes increasingly severe tragedies and chaos. However, one man stands apart from the mass of frightened humanity. For him, the legendary Wanderer is a mere tale of bizarre alien domination and human submission. His conception of the Wanderer bleeds into unrequited love for the mysterious "she" who owns him. Join science fiction master Fritz Leiber, winner of both the Hugo and Nebula Awards, as he concocts a powerful allegorical novel that pierces to the heart of the human condition.

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