Books by Anthony Gilmore

Space Hawk

by Anthony Gilmore

THE SPACE HAWK SERIES includes four 'Hawk Carse' adventures by Anthony Gilmore and D.W. Hall. Hawk Carse is a swashbuckling spaceman, in the vein of Buck Rogers or Superman. Includes an active table of contents with back-linking for easy navigation.

• Hawk Carse
• The Affair of the Brains
• The Bluff of the Hawk
• The Passing of Ku Sui

Harry Bates (1900-1980) wrote under variety of pseudonyms, including Anthony Gilmore. He published heavily in the pulp magazines of the 1930s and also served as editor of ASTOUNDING STORIES with D.W. Hall during that time. He is best remembered for his interplanetary hero Hawk Carse, a he-man figure along the lines of Buck Rogers or Superman. One of his short stories served as the basis for the 1951 science fiction film 'The Day the Earth Stood Still.'

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